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PORON® – a brand name of Inoac corporation, is a highly functional polyurethane foam that composed by fine and uniform cell structure. Unlike any other foam, it has low compression set and minimal set-in fatigue. Additionally, it has superior features such as energy absorption, seal ability, dimensional stability, and no migration. It has been used as sealing, packing and cushioning material in a wide variety of fields like PC/IT, mobile communications, automobiles, home appliances, A/V equipment, sporting goods, medical supplies and shoes application.

PORON® has a fine and uniform cell structure compared to other materials (semi-continuous air cells).

PU foam


  • PORON® has very low compression set.
  • PORON® provides high sealing performance.
  • PORON® offers outstanding thickness accuracy.
  • PORON® has minimal migration effect on other materials.
  • PORON® is a material with high fabricating efficiency.
  • PORON® provides excellent dimensional stability
  • PORON® offers excellent impact absorption.


INOAC offer four series:

  1. Standard,
  2. LO/FR (Low out-gassing/Flame-retardant),
  3. PET support material)
  4. Special surfaces.

We, United Company Limited, a converting company with PORON® material in electronic and automotive industrial. Don’t hessite to contact us for more information.

UPE specializes in processing, die-cutting products from various materials according to the size and shape on the customer’s drawing.

Quality certificate. Capacity up to 15 million products/month.

Key services including:

  • Tape die cutting: Single side tape, Aluminum tape, Cloth tape, Paper tape
  • Foams and Sponges die cutting
  • Felt die cutting
  • Rubber & plastic die cutting
  • Film/ Decal/Sticker roll (non-printing) die cutting

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