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With the main features of: keeping components from falling, avoiding shocks during production and transportation, holding tape (also known as green tape) has become an important material for factories producing televisions, refrigerators, washing machines … or office equipment.

Requires a moderate adhesion, the glue is easy to remove and does not leave stains on the glued surface, so most positioning tape products usually use natural rubber-based adhesives. It is the use of this glue base that makes the product safe and environmentally friendly. And especially when consumers open the product and remove that part of the tape, the smell of glue will not be visible.

Regarding the structure of the backing layer: most of the positioning tapes use a base material of PET (Polyester) or MOPP (Mono-oriented Polypropylene). Each material will have different strengths, depending on the purpose and cost of the user, they can choose between PET or MOPP. The application of a natural rubber adhesive to this substrate undergoes a rigorous quality control process to ensure that the adhesive is evenly spread over the substrate surface, as well as to ensure the performance of the tape.

The thickness of the tape ranges from 0.055mm to 0.11mm in which, the types with a PET backing will usually be thinner than MOPP. The product has many different colors such as: blue, white or red also satisfy the unique needs of each customer in building and identifying their own brand.

UPE company is a distributor and shaping of products from adhesive tapes, including the line of positioning tapes. In addition to cutting small rolls to the required size, we also provide tools and equipment for manual or machine gluing. Please contact us immediately for advice on choosing the right product for your company’s requirements.

UPE specializes in processing, die-cutting products from various materials according to the size and shape on the customer’s drawing.

Quality certificate. Capacity up to 15 million products/month.

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