Plastic – Rubber Die Cutting

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Plastic and rubber are used as part of a product, playing an important role in the construction of a product. Therefore, to optimize costs, people often use plastic-rubber die cutting services instead of other technologies. This is one of our main services.

Application of die cutting plastic – rubber

  • Plastic and rubber parts used in assembling machinery, office equipment, and household appliances such as insulation panels, component bases, gaskets…
  • Plastic parts can be produced by molding or injection molding technology. However, the cost will be very expensive and only applies to orders in large quantities. Die cutting of plastic/rubber will help save more costs

Plastic and rubber die cutting service of UPE Company

Using flat die cutting technology will help customers save time and money

  • Fast production time
  • The cost of die-cutting mold is low.
  • The products are sharp and precise follow to the drawings
  • Plastic-rubber products are often combined with double-sided tape, which helps to connect many materials when used.

We are using raw materials for this product group such as:

  • Rubber sheet/roll (thickness less than 5mm)
  • Plastic sheet/roll: PET, PC, PVC…

UPE specializes in processing, die-cutting products from various materials according to the size and shape on the customer’s drawing.

Quality certificate. Capacity up to 15 million products/month.

Key services including:

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