Sponge-​Foam Die Cutting

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Sponge foam, including materials such as PU, PE, EPT, EVA, CR, PORON … Widely used in many fields such as:

  • Industrial vehicles such as motorcycles: sound insulation, anti-vibration, anti-noise, sieve
  • Home appliances manufacturing industry: sealing, gas-proof, soundproofing, insulating in appliances such as air conditioning, television, refrigerator, home cooker…
  • Office machinery manufacturing: used in printers, fax machines.

UPE processes and shapes products from sponge foam to the size and shape of customers’ drawings. Sponge foam is automatically cut by cutting machine (imported from Thailand ) to ensure accuracy in size and shape.

We use the materials imported from Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea … Besides, the materials originated from Vietnam is also our choice to bring customers products with competitive price, but the product quality is still top priority.

Sponges are used with glue or without glue, formatted and packaged so that the customer feels most comfortable using them.

UPE specializes in processing, die-cutting products from various materials according to the size and shape on the customer’s drawing.

Quality certificate. Capacity up to 15 million products/month.

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