Used as a component in the product, plastic and rubber components play an important role in forming a product. Plastic and rubber parts used in the assembly of machines, office equipment, home appliances such as insulation panels, components, gaskets… Rubber and Plastic parts can be produced by molding or injection molding technology. However, the cost is very expensive and applies only to shipments in large quantities.


That is why we come up with a less time-consuming and budget-friendly solution to benefit our customers. We use flat cutting technology to make sure the products turn out as sharp and accurate as the drawings, concurrently optimize time and money for the customers.


Plastic / rubber products are often combined with double-sided tape, which helps to connect many materials when used. Currently, we are using the ingredients for this product group as:

  • Plate / roll sheet (less than 5mm thickness)

  • Plastic sheets / rolls: PET, PC, PVC…