Non-woven fabric is a fabric made of chemical fiber bonded together with chemicals, heat or solvents. Non-woven fabrics easily break down in the environment should be considered as a green material.

In the industry, non-woven are used for sound insulation, heat insulation, anti-vibration, noise protection, air filtration. Used in many audio equipment, home appliances such as speakers, air conditioning, cabinets. In the electronics industry, anti-static non-woven fabrics are widely used in the day-to-day assembly of telephone and electronic components.

We use a wide range of non-woven fabrics in various thicknesses, from brands such as Himelon, Chiyoda, Namyang, etc. It is possible to cover glue or tape with nonwoven products before delivery to customers. Die-cut non-woven fabric products using flatbed technology help to form the most accurate, fastest product. That is our strength.