If you want a cost-efficient way to order custom labels, sticker rolls are your new best friend. The beauty of ordering a sticker roll is that you can opt for die-cut stickers of any shape or size. All on a roll. They are the perfect solution for use at events, for promotions, and more. A sticker roll comes with all the same benefits as ordering custom vinyl stickers does. Yet, there’s the added benefit of getting your wholesale stickers in bulk, and at a low price. It’s truly a win-win situation. There’s more! You can choose your roll of stickers from a range of options. Material? It’s your choice! Design? That’s all you, too!


Sticker Materials:

  • Art paper

  • Synthertic paper (PP)

  • Indirect thermal paper

  • Direct thermal paper

  • Matt Silver paper (PET)

  • Transparent/Bright Silver paper (PET)